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Royal blue and Red football scarf

121 Genoa Songs & Amp; Football Chants

Genova, founded in 1897, is the fourth most successful Italian club in terms of championships won.

1048 Oh Hey Wave from Genoa curva (tier) Wiedergabeliste
1697 Score Another Goal We Want Win Wiedergabeliste
2543 Gasperini A Fanchant For The Ex-Coach Gasperini Wiedergabeliste
2910 They Come... Choir of Genovese Dialect Wiedergabeliste
3007 Who Doesn't Jump If You Do Not Jump You Support Sampdoria Wiedergabeliste
3217 You Have to Win For The Grifone Wiedergabeliste
3662 Go Red and Blue Heart Genoa song repeated by the two tiers Wiedergabeliste
3893 Just Like Juve A Fanchant Against Juventus Wiedergabeliste
4568 Inter A Fanchant Against Inter Wiedergabeliste
5328 You Are Never Alone Choir Against Sampdoria Wiedergabeliste
  Premier League Betting
5528 Ohh, Ohhhh Classic Fanchant Of Genoa Wiedergabeliste
7610 For the Serie A The Genoa Supporters Want The Serie A Wiedergabeliste
7758 We'll Never Leave You Genoa Tier Wiedergabeliste
8408 Wherever You Will Be Go Grifone Wiedergabeliste
9715 Marco Rossi Choir For The Ex-Captain Marco Rossi Wiedergabeliste
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