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Royal blue and Red football scarf

165 Bologna Songs & Amp; Football Chants

Bologna Football Club 1909 is from the region of Emilia-Romagna, club is nicknamed the rossoblù because of Red and Blue being the official colours of the town.

843 Gilardino Choir For The Ex-Striker Gilardino Wiedergabeliste
1657 Marco Di Vaio Choir For The Ex-Striker Marco Di Vaio Wiedergabeliste
3285 The Whole Tier Bologna's North Tier Wiedergabeliste
3393 Parma... A Fanchant Against Parma Wiedergabeliste
3778 We'll Always Be with You We Are Bologna Wiedergabeliste
4070 Idiot! Funny Moment Wiedergabeliste
4370 Bologna Come On Bologna's North Tier Wiedergabeliste
4451 Guidolin A Fanchant Against Guidolin Wiedergabeliste
5128 Come on Bologna Join In! Wiedergabeliste
5450 They Are Coming Bologna's North Tier Wiedergabeliste
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5722 A Goal Thats How It Sounds When Bologna Needs A Goal Wiedergabeliste
7386 Always with You Bologna's North Tier Wiedergabeliste
10787 Follow Modena A Fanchant Against Modena Wiedergabeliste
11174 Like a Bomb Bologna's North Tier Wiedergabeliste
11469 Free Ultras Bolognas Ultras! Wiedergabeliste
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